How to Quickly Edit Video with Optimized Media in Davinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is one of the best professional tools that take video editing to the next level. Developed by Blackmagic Design, it lets people do 8k editing, color correction, non-linear video editing and more.

The best part about this software is that it allows users to simultaneously work at the same time. Since it has multi-user collaboration service, any of the editors, assistants, artists, colorists, sound designers can work on editing at the same time.

However, while working with this program, there might come a time where you can encounter with the playing lag issue. This is what today’s topic is about.

If you are facing the problem in Davinci Resolve, using the Davinci Resolve optimized media function help us solving the issue. If you don’t know how, we will help you do so. Let us know how you can achieve the task.

Par 1: What is Optimized Media in Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve’s optimized media assists the users in transcoding the formats into those which can work more efficiently with the software. The feature’s default format is ProRes 422 HQ. You can simply make modifications in the general options.

In order to get the Davinci Resolve optimized media turned on, all you need is to head to the media library in the program. Right click on the clip you want and hit on “Generate Optimized Media”. When this gets done, the problem may get solved.

Part 2: How to Set Optimized Media

  1. In order to set the Davinci Resolve Optimized Media, you need to navigate to File > Project Settings at the top.

2. Now, in the Master Settings panel, a section will be shown named as Optimized Media and Render Cache. You can choose the suitable settings according to your project and media.

3. After this, you can get back to the edit or media page. Look for the clip you wish to optimize. Right click on it and choose the Generate Optimized Media option.

4. When the optimization gets over, you can return to the original file by heading to the playback menu. Choose Use Optimized Media if Available. Now, as soon as you play the clip in the timeline, it will play back according to the correct frame rate sans halt or dropped frames.

5. This makes the editing complete. You can either uncheck the option Use Optimized Media if Available or you can leave it like that. The program will return to the original format on its own. If you want so, simply go to the look in the advanced settings in the video panel to get the checkbox under the “deliver page.

Note: You need to know two things while working with Davinci Resolve Optimized Media.

  • Firstly, you cannot control or manage where the proxy file should be generated. The Optimized Media in Davinci Resolve will make it in the location same as the written cache files.
  • Secondly, make sure to delete the optimized media.

Part 3: The Difference Between Optimized Media and Proxy

As we have learned about setting up the Davinci Resolve optimized media, let us know the difference between it and the Proxy.

Optimized Media: The Optimized Media in Resolve allows users to select and specify the format or resolution of a file. However, these are stored as single framed. In the Optimized media, you can also select formats like ProRes for files. These can be an original resolution or the file may have a smaller resolution.

Proxy: You are allowed to drop the resolution of the video in between the playback, while it is running. The purpose of this is to sustain the real time playback of the clip. However, you can scale a codec like ProRes easily and otherwise it may not help. Like in case of higher resolution, Proxy mode will not be able to deal with it.


We believe that you have learned well about Davinci Resolve optimized media. We tried to explain what’s needed to know in a detailed way. You should remove the playing lag issue using the feature easily. And we now hope that you can do that and are satisfied with this post. If you want to know anything or if you have any query, simply write down us a comment below. Thanks to all the readers!




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Richard Bennett

A YouTuber, A Lifelong Learner

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